Instead of looking for an unforgettable experience, become one.

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You want to be CONFIDENT and HAPPY with who you are, what you do, and who you’re with.

You want to overcome fear, insecurity, and self-doubt. CONFIDENCE MASTERY is knowing who you are and owning it.  This means you are crystal clear on what you really want for yourself and what has been blocking you from it in order that you can shift into BEING the person that gets what he/she really wants. I know you desire to be the confident – ownin’ it, killin’ it, takin’ no shit – badass that you suspect you are deeeeep down in there somewhere (somewhere…somewhere…). Don’t you just hate that echo?!

You Are:

  • Tired AF of dealing with the same fears, insecurities, self-doubts, troubled relationships, lack of love and bottom-line unfulfilled living
  • Frustrated with feeling held back by your own shit, are fully ready to deal with the BS to break through into confidence – the real you
  • Unwilling to live without confidence, freedom, happiness, and passion – deeply loving who you are, what you do, and who you’re with
  • Ready to step into full CONFIDENCE MASTERY once and for all

Whether or not it feels like it, Life loves you enough to give you a helping hand, a boost, a break, the guidance and answers you’ve been seeking…and often, it’s a catalyst – someone to point you in the right direction.

TA-Effing-DA! HERE I AM 🙂 You’re welcome. 

Listen. I am here for you and I WANT to help you. But, YOU, and only you, are responsible for your success. I can’t do jack shit for you if you don’t understand that your personal transformation is ultimately up to whether or not you make the decision to cross the “fuck this shit” line.

I’m waiting right here on the other side.

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A groundbreaking book for men (and women who want to know more about men).

The information in this book is foundational to knowing how a man who has MASTERED confidence thinks, feels, and acts – especially when it comes to attracting the woman of his dreams.

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I’m so honored that you are here.

My passion is to inspire others to CONFIDENCE MASTERY through an integrated understanding of identity and the power of decision. The most powerful form of confidence is embodied, not merely understood, and certainly not enacted. From that place, we are able to share our greatest contributions and to live our best lives.
When you walk in identity and confidence, everything changes.
True CONFIDENCE MASTERY will restore and expand your life in all 5 main areas by first restoring your relationship to YOU. (These areas are: relationships, finances, spirituality, sexuality and your physical being/expressed self.) True identity, confidence, and wholeness shift you into the full-body YES you’ve been longing to feel in any area of life that you desire to see change.
I don’t sit back and tell you what to do, I am living this for myself. From the space of – we are in this thing together, I exhort you to become the man or woman you desire to be. I walk with you through your process, so that you can experience what embodying the real you FEELS like, until it becomes natural to be nothing but who you really are. Read more.


I know who the fuck I am. I teach others to know this for themselves. It’s what I was born to do. When you get into my energy and presence through my work (courses/teachings/coaching, etc.), you WILL experience this confidence tangibly – you will FEEL it. And, if you start embodying it for yourself, you can be, do, have what it is you desire.

“Instead of looking for an unforgettable experience, become one.”

You go where few people are willing to tread. And what you do is superb. You are brave, confident, and can see clearly into dark places.


Colette helped to guide to through the process and deal with the insecurities that came up. Colette was fully present to me, went above and beyond to help me process through my emotions. Having her as a support system will ensure that you are confident and prepared through the whole process. She will help to pull out your vision… She pays attention to every detail and will help to inspire you along the way. Colette is the Queen of confidence and her energy is contagious. She was fully present. This has been one of the most confidence boosting things I have ever done. I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to boost their confidence and get clear…

Katie Marie , Katie Marie VIP

You are such an amazing woman. Following my heart, taking a leap, taking your advice, stop being held back. Because!


I just had to tell you that you spoke wonderful wisdom into my life. You are truly…in your gifting. Lord Bless Your Gifting! It’s so needed!!


That is my girl right there!!!!! Power house!! Watch out world here she comes!! You are amazing!


…You are leading the forefront to help us learn and understand our true selves.


You speak to the very core of the true identity of a woman.


Lioness arising to set the captives free! You are a carrier of truth to answer the lies and silence the fears.


Just wanted to say I really appreciate the ways you talk about faith, spirituality, God, sex, and sexuality as inclusive things. As you said, there is a vulnerability that needs to be faced, accepted, and celebrated…the world definitely needs more courageous and creative people like you.


…You, in a perfect way, break the stereotype with your confidence. I pledge to your revolution!


Colette was amazing. I wouldn’t have ever dared to take the leap if it weren’t for her…She is a phenomenal creative….she was able to help me get out of my own way. I didn’t know how to convey ME and my brand and my energy…She is so patient, understanding, and amazing at drawing the vision out of you and helping you form it into a practical plan. She gave me the courage and the confidence I needed. These are things that have stayed with me long after…and they have made me a better entrepreneur. If it weren’t for her, I never would have taken action. Thank you Colette!!



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