My passion is to inspire others to Self-Mastery through an integrated understanding of identity and confidence. The most powerful form of identity and confidence is embodied, not merely understood. From that place, we are able to share our greatest contributions and to live our best lives.

When you walk in true identity and confidence, everything changes.

True identity and confidence will restore and expand your life in all 5 main areas by first restoring your relationship to YOU. True identity and confidence restore wholeness, and this trifecta calls in the love you desire, opening up new worlds of intimacy and expression through your sexuality. These 5 areas are:

Relationships (platonic/romantic), Finances, Spirituality, Sexuality, and Physical Being

More than merely telling you what to do, I teach you to become the man or woman you desire to be. I walk with you through your process, so that you can experience what embodying the real you FEELS like until it becomes your natural way of being.



My passion and intention is that you could come to truly know yourself, be freed from limitations and expectations, boldly and confidently display your magnificence and share your gifts with the world – that you may be full of joy, confident, and free.
Some of my favorite topics are confidence, relationships, and sexuality. But, as you may already know, I have a lot to say about many things.
Confidence because I believe it is key to the success and fulfillment of relationships, and it directly affects every aspect of how, when, and why we relate the way we do in all areas of life.
Relationships because I believe we are in relationship with (relating to) everything and everyone around us – all directly mirroring our relationship to our Self. This is without exception.
Sexuality because I like the hard topics and because sexuality is central to humanity. It is an area often misunderstood, misrepresented and in desperate need of a revolution. I am unafraid and unashamed to talk openly about what happens behind closed doors and what comes out of our bedroom closets.

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I am The Master and The Muse of my own life and the Founder of Colette LaMuse, a company whose purpose is to inspire, educate and liberate.

This site is designed to bring you both the visual representation and the articulation of what it is to be fully confident and free. Two great modes of self-expression are Words and Images.

But the greatest and most powerful form of expression is: Embodiment.


I am an Author, Writer, Teacher, Poet and Lyricist. Besides BEing mother f’n Colette, words are my favorite medium through which to inspire.

To inspire is to fill another with the urge or ability to act and it is the ability to create a feeling in a person. Originally the word inspire meant ‘to breathe into’ and was used of a divine or supernatural being, in the sense of ‘imparting a truth or idea.’

I LOVE to expose the BS BS (bullshit belief systems) that keep people from seeing who they really are and from living the life they desire and deserve. I also love creating resources, invaluable pieces of my heart to yours, including my latest book, online teachings, in-depth private e-courses and my prolific thoughts read/listen.


As a multi-passionate creator, I enjoy the expressionist arts of directing editorial photo-shoots, costume, hair and makeup design. I am the Creative Director, Set Designer and Model for the images you will find here on this site and on my other social media platforms.

As Master, I must first carry the message within me, deep inside my bones.

From that place, I am The Muse.

A muse is a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration. Therefore, it is through imagery that I embody the composition of which I write, speak and teach.

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