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It Was Love – A Poem

A love poem for sappy hearts like mine ♥️ #iwritelove I haven’t forgotten your eyes, how they pierced the veil that hides my soul. Or the way your touch saw things within me that still no one else knows. It was love.

It Was Love – A Poem2020-02-20T23:47:46+00:00

Let NO ONE Disqualify You!

The silliness of looking at a person’s “story” to determine who they are today and the especially silly idea of looking at it from the perspective of qualifying/disqualifying them. Your past doesn’t qualify or disqualify you.

Let NO ONE Disqualify You!2020-02-20T23:29:58+00:00

BS Story: Strong-willed, independent women want to depend on themselves.

That’s a fraction of the BIGGER picture, but not the ultimate truth. Listen. A woman longs to fall weak into a strong man and be weak in him, in every way. Whhhaat?? Yes, I said weak. No, not weak as in weak, incapable, dependent... Weak as in completely vulnerable and open.

BS Story: Strong-willed, independent women want to depend on themselves.2020-02-20T23:42:23+00:00

God’s Not Disappointed in You

I don’t want the superficial life and I don’t want superficial friends. I would rather be my own best friend then seek out friendships/careers/romantic partners, etc. where I can’t be myself… But that is just it. I can’t be myself when I WON’T be myself.

God’s Not Disappointed in You2020-02-20T23:45:50+00:00

What People Really Need to Hear From Their Leaders

Pastors, teachers, coaches, leaders, parents and friends, influencers of all kinds: PLEASE GET THIS 🔥 We are not here to save people from their sins. We are not here to save people from their pain, poverty, suffering or misery. We are not here to help the helpless or to heal the broken. None of these things directly.

What People Really Need to Hear From Their Leaders2020-02-21T02:47:10+00:00


One word that magnifies the beliefs we hold about what it is to be sexual and what it is to be pure, or not... Have you said that word out loud lately? Try it. Say it out loud, slowly. It’s incredible, language that is. And how a simple word can arouse everything from desire and eroticism to judgment and condemnation. So which is it? Is seduction good or bad? Is it pure or is it sinful? And is it really so black and white?

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