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Your sexuality is powerful. From inception you were and are the crown of creation. your beauty was always intended to be a source of inspiration to man. Your sexuality was and is always intentionally central to who you are as a woman. You were always meant to feel beautiful, desirable, confident, free - naked and unashamed.

WOMEN AND SEXUALITY 1012019-11-27T23:02:25+00:00


Warning: This is not for the easily offended. It is time.  This here marks the day, the hour, the minute I rise the fuck up. No more playing nice. There is some serious bullshit out there...belief systems that are mindfucking my people, my loves. And I won’t be silent any longer. I’m not afraid to speak the truth, to be a spectacle. In fact, I make it my mission to raise the truth as a banner for all the world to see. And to boldly, unashamedly step into the identity of who the fuck I BE...



That doesn’t make you bad. It makes you human. So what’s the problem with secrets? The problem is you think you’re keeping them. You don’t keep them. They keep you. You don’t hide them. They hide you.

SO YOU HAVE SECRETS…2020-02-20T23:51:03+00:00

The Wait is Over.

The good girl waits. She waits in line, she waits tables, she waits to speak until she’s spoken to. And she damn sure waits her turn. She waits for good things to come to her because they can only come if she waits. She learns that taking action means she’s not waiting properly. She waits for sex...

The Wait is Over.2019-11-30T01:14:44+00:00

Moving through the chaos of stormy relationships

Moving through the chaos of stormy relationships. The energetic exchange in intimate relationships is an incredible matrix of polarization, balance and harmony. Harmony. That doesn’t seem to fit the definition of most relationships. Intimate relationships are often fraught with a dynamic energetic webbing that feels like anything but harmonious.

Moving through the chaos of stormy relationships2019-12-10T20:46:34+00:00


I call this beauty “Clarity.” Clarity clears space for confidence to arise. Confidence is quite simple. It gets “complicated” when we make it about many things. We have our lists. We have our criteria. We have our excuses. All of which cloud our vision.

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