Some basics.

1. Confidence is the most beautiful way you as a woman can show up.
2. It’s not what you think. (It’s not “masculine”)

Confidence isn’t masculine or feminine.

A confident woman is not more powerful because she’s “in her masculine.”

Depending on WHY she moves in what is perceived as masculine, she can either put others off or intensify their attraction to her. Everyone knows this. Some strong women appear to have a fuck you sign hanging off them and others appear to say: hello darling. come follow me. I know who the fuck I am and you can too!

Confidence is NOT something you USE.

It’s just a made up word to indicate when you are:
1. aware of who the fuck you are
2. walking in the embodiment of THAT you.

Breaking news. You’re neither male nor female in spirit. You are in body/physical form. But spiritually, you have access to all energetic forms of power.

When a woman is considered to be overly “masculine,” it usually means she leads with force, decisiveness and penetration.

Can a woman be confident: beautifully soft and sensual, and intensely strong and self-actualizing?

It’s been said that an overly “masculine” woman is off putting to a lot of men and that to attract the man you need to “be more feminine.”

This can be very confusing.

The truth of the matter is: you attract on your level of insecurity or confidence. NOT on how you show up (masculine/feminine).

These terms are overused and under-understood.

Fuck them.

The point is this – remember who the fuck you are. Be that. Don’t think about how. Just be. And you will naturally flow effortlessly and seamlessly between the m/f energies without giving a fuck and you will super attract – YOUR people and your man.

One more thing, beauty isn’t something you qualify for externally. It’s something you own internally.

I love you.