Confidence directly affects every area of a man’s life.

Confidence directly effects all areas of a man’s life.

A Book For Men

This is for the man who finds himself in the prime of his life, still feeling uncertain and unfulfilled in his romantic relationships, and who wants to feel confident and desirable so he can finally attract the stable, loving and fulfilling life partner he’s been searching for.

Confidence is required to attract the woman of your dreams, necessary to keep her, and absolutely vital to pleasing her. You can’t fake it ’til you make it. It’s a definitive knowing, a tangible substance, a palpable power and it makes you undeniably magnetic. It’s knowing who you are. And you either do or you don’t. Do you?

Private Ed

On your time. At your location.


  • Get clarity on what you really want.
  • Overcome internal obstacles that keep your desires at bay.
  • Reclaim your magnetic, desirable essence.
  • Live empowered by your innate masculine flow.
  • Attract and satisfy the love you desire.

Learn the real source of true confidence, power and wisdom. Embody it for yourself, transforming how you show up to life, and more than that – how life shows up for you.

Private Consulting/Coaching

Idenity. Confidence. Relationships. Sexuality.

Are you…

  • Tired AF of dealing with the same fears, insecurities, self-doubts, troubled relationships, lack of love and bottomline unfulfilled living?
  • Frustrated with feeling held back by your own shit and ready to deal with it NOW!
  • Unwilling to live without freedom, confidence, happiness and passion, deeply loving and being loved.
  • Ready to drop the BS BS (bullshit belief systems) that have been holding you back in life and love?

Private consulting is you and me – identifying internal blocks to your fulfillment, success and love. And for those who are ready and willing to shift them, I coach the bullshit out of you – with all my heart and soul. xxoo