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I offer Consulting and Coaching in the areas of:

Identity, Confidence, Relationships and Sexuality

My passion is for men to fully connect with who they are (identity) and learn to embody their God-given identity, masculinity, personal authority and power, so they can live fully confident in all areas of life.

My private consulting and confidence coaching facilitate the process of personal fulfillment and transformation, through identifying and shifting internal resistance to embodying true confidence, and experiencing fulfillment, success and love.

Clients often come to me when they have exhausted their own efforts to find the solution and fix the problem or pattern, whether within themselves, their life or relationships. These incredibly smart, strong and determined men long to move through life with a restored sense of their true innate confidence, which directly effects all areas of their life – and they know it.

My clients get clarity on who they are, what they want, what has kept them from it and how to overcome the resistance.

Consulting v. Coaching

Generally speaking, first time clients are best served by Coaching. As they gain more consistent experience with identifying the BSBS and shifting it independently, we move to a Consulting relationship where I am there to offer my perspective. Think of it like a second opinion, a second set of eyes, to help you remember what you already know and see what you’re not seeing in the moment. Consulting is offered to clients after they complete their Coaching sessions with me.

By Coaching, I mean that you, as the client, seek wisdom, advice and another’s perspective AND you desire more direct instructional guidance throughout the process of transformation as you execute, in order that you may gain confidence and experience, and have a sense of partnership with your coach. Coaching is a more in-depth process, a hand-in-hand approach to achieving your desired outcome and is sold in session packages.

By Consulting, I mean that you, as the client, seek wisdom, advice and another’s perspective in order that you may with that knowledge make a decision for yourself and are willing and able to personally execute the process of transformation you desire. Consulting is offered by the hour and on a monthly retainer.

Where do I sign up?

So tell me love…

Do you feel stuck or disconnected?
Are your relationships confusing, overwhelming or empty?
Are you frustrated with feeling uncertain and unfulfilled?
Do you want to overcome insecurities, self-doubt and fear?
Do you desire to finally feel confident, but just can’t see what’s missing?

Do you know what’s missing and can’t seem to fix it?
Are you tired of feeling held back from the life you know you were made for?

What you can anticipate when working with me…

insecurity, fear, guilt, shame and regret
feeling hopeless
feeling lost
feeling aimless
feeling tired and lonely
feeling angry, empty, unloved, jealous
feeling loss

Renewed love of life
Renewed sense of self
Inspiration and wisdom
More energy and joy
Deepening of relational capacity
Momentum and accelerated results
Identity and Confidence

I LOVE my clients because…

They are ready and willing to own their life and walk in their limitless power, even if they don’t quite know how yet.
They are ready and willing to be open to new thoughts and new ways of looking at things.
They are ready and willing to see, to own, to decide and to take action.

What I believe about my clients…

They have a unique story and calling and it is my distinct honor and privilege to work with them.
They are good-hearted men who long to unleash their goodness through positions of power and influence.
They are incredible, wonderful, thoughtful, hard-working and committed.
They are able to overcome any and ever obstacle within them.
They are undeniable worthy of the love and the life they desire. Always.

Oftentimes, my clients are hurting or struggling and don’t have anyone to share openly with about their Achilles‘ heel. 

This area often causes these men to experience deep shame, regret, failure or fear. The joy, freedom and strength that comes from overcoming these internal obstacles is beyond words.

I am one of the safest souls you will ever meet on this planet. 

As an intimacy intuitive, I help to uncover what is blocking you from within, creating all that frustration and causing you to feel hopelessly stuck. I help unravel the mysteries, bring light to the dark and liberate the soul. You are the one who must choose and decide and shift, but I am here with you and I am for you in your process of transformation.

Whether you are looking for that special someone, wanting to heal or improve your current relationship or are simply longing to have peace so you can move forward in power – resistance is no match for you. The answers are within you – together we discover them, uncover them and resurrect your glorious BEing so you can do what you came here to do!

Aside from finally making sense of their relationships and ways of relating, my clients feel a restored sense of power, authority and creative development in business relationships and endeavors. This restored confidence naturally has an effect on all personal and romantic relationships, dramatically increasing intimacy and satisfaction as a manifestation of inner wholeness and connection.

The primary relationship of self is central to all my transformational and integrative sessions. I work on the basis of individual change begets relational change in all aspects.

>>>In other words, when you understand who you are, why you are doing what you are doing, why you are getting the results you are getting, etc., you can then make sense of why others are responding to you the way they are and how all of this can change in order for you to achieve your desired outcomes.<<<

When you experience YOUR presence, your true essence, HE becomes the Guide. I lead you to him. I show you how to connect with and hear from him – the man within you – that IS you. I don’t have the answers for your life – you do. But I do know the way there, and I will lead you deep within – if you are willing and open – all the way back to original YOU.

Details: The majority of my Consulting/Coaching is by phone or messaging so that I can help clients like you, wherever you are. For packages with in-person sessions, I see generally meet with clients in Spokane/Seattle, WA. If you live out of the area, we can discuss alternative options.

Ready to work with me? Click the button below for current the current coaching package offer. Once your payment has been processed, you will be sent a link to my calendar to schedule. I can’t wait to “see” you on the inside. xx00

This is your investment, your journey and your outcome.

Current Pricing

In case you want more…

When you tap the well inside, you will get clear on what you want, what is holding you back and how to create the life you long for. This process helps to disentangle you from your past and illuminate the path within to the life you truly desire and deserve. You will also learn this process for yourself so that you will be able to do this yourself.

When you break through, you will realize that you have always held the power.

As we uncover the thoughts you hold (are held by) about yourself, others (including God) and about life and how it works for you, you will begin to recognize internal obstacles. As long as you are fully present to the process, untangling and uprooting them does not have to be hard or a long and drawn out.

If you are open to this process, you will experience deep emotional and relational healing as you are liberated from who you think you are and discover who you truly are – a breakthrough which causes you to feel empowered, energized and alive like never before. Together, we will traverse the deep uncharted waters.

The darkness of the deep is not to be feared, for darkness hides the greatest treasures. 

When you work with me, you will know you can can tell me anything and that you won’t be judged, shamed or made to feel guilty. You will feel understood, perhaps for the first time in your life.

All the power of transformation, healing and freedom are within you. Therefore, your participation is required for transformation to occur. I simply shine a light on the limitations that are keeping you from fully connecting to and walking in the power you already possess.

We are not working to change you so much as to reveal you.

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YES! It IS possible!

Your identity and reputation can be restored.
You can regain your adventurous, courageous spirit and joy for life.
You can shift from confusion to clarity.
You can feel whole and complete.
You can experience new life: freedom to see who you truly are and the power to be, do, have what you really want.
You can walk into your created future, no longer held back by your past.

You are right where you need to be to become who you have always been.