I am so honored that you are here. I want you to know something – you are here on purpose.

If you are anything like me, you are a highly motivated woman, and with that comes a full and active life. I offer Confidence Embodiment Coaching for luxe women who are absolutely ready to own the fuck out of the confident woman they know they can no longer live without.

The women I work with:

  • are not merely looking for sympathy or someone to simply tell their story to
  • are not fucking around anymore and are ready to cross the fuck this shit line
  • are done with trying to buy their way into beauty, desirability and confidence
  • are ready to let go of their past, their story, their hurt, their excuses, insecurities and fears – even if they don’t know “how”
  • are willing to change by taking responsibility for the way they think, be, do
  • know there is work to be done and are willing to do the work
  • are open to trusting me and open to trusting the process
  • tell me the truth and are completely honest with me, so that we can work with the real shit
  • are committed to see the process through
  • want my energy – the way I show up – they want to have it and feel it for themselves
  • understand that their financial investment is directly tied to their personal development and growth

It is really important that you are fully ready and committed before you apply. I accept a limited number of female clients, so you have to be ready to go all in with me if you want to be one of them. I’m super sweet and safe. I REALLY love my clients from my heart, but this means I will have to sometimes call you out on your shit or be direct with what I see is really going on. You’ll need to be able to work with a little tough love to see massive shifts in your way of being – and this means being willing to look at things from a new perspective.

If you are not ready yet, but you feel a stirring inside of you, or if you are scared or can’t commit right now – DON’T be upset or down on yourself. I have other resources for you that can get you started. Be sure to sign up for my insider list so I can send you an exclusive coaching offers. You will know when you are ready, love.

If you know you are ready to do this, submit this online application.