I don’t want the superficial life.And I don’t want superficial friends. I would rather be my own best friend then seek out friendships/careers/romantic partners, etc. where I can’t be myself…

But that is just it.

I can’t be myself when I WON’T be myself. I know the story well because I wrote it way back when…

You know, the story of no one knows the real me. And people in my life wouldn’t accept HER (hometown syndrome). I hold myself back because I don’t want to disappoint the “people.”

(Obviously, I kicked that story the fuck out of town. But it takes guts and a decision to identify with your true self/your truth – no matter what anyone will think about you, say or do.)

God showed me that the reason why I didn’t always stand freely/fully in the truth of my heart (who I am and how I show up to the world) was because I didn’t want to disappoint them and ultimately I didn’t want to disappoint Him (no God is not male).

But here’s the kicker.

I must already believe I AM a disappointment if I believe I can BECOME one by being myself. Huh…

Reread that. Here I’ll help ⬇️

I must already believe deep down that I AM a disappointment if I believe I can BECOME one by simply being fully ME.

God spoke to me in that moment and told me that He has NEVER been, nor IS He disappointed in me – that I CANNOT be a disappointment. Period.

End of the story. (No really. End that mother fucker.)

There is nothing I can choose, think, feel, say or do that would cause Him to be disappointed.

Wait what??! That goes against everything I learned in Sunday school and from my momma. Yes. I know.

I knew what He was saying was true, but part of me didn’t fully understand how it could be true.

So I looked up disappointment in the nerd’s bible – ie the dictionary.

The definition of disappointment is: “the feeling of the dissatisfaction that follows the FAILURE of expectations or hopes to MANIFEST.”

For God to be disappointed is for Him to “fail to manifest.”

He immediately said with total sexy hotAF confidence,

“I never fail to manifest what I want.”

God isn’t disappointed in you because He doesn’t see you the way you think He does.

You see. God knows how shit works. He knows that what He focuses on draws his attention. And what draws the attention of God is going to draw his energy.

God’s energy is creative and powerful AF. And if he were to focus on your “failings” it would expand/increase/activate/empower them. So you know what he chooses to set his focus and attention on instead?


Yeah baby. You. The real you. That hot sexy mf’n badass you – that you FORGOT while you were busy looking at your mistakes, missteps and shattered dreams.

Oh and did you not know that what you focus on expands, enlarges, increases, empowers, and for damn sure returns to meet you?! Yea, cuz you have the same power in you.

Stop and Shift.

You are an expression of the Divine – you are God’s expressed self – as YOU – here on this planet.

And there is no one who can bring YOU to this world but you.

It’s time to show up.
It’s time to be you – all of you, all at once.

If you don’t even know where to begin, stick with me. I’m good, real good. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. All day, every day.

P.S. You don’t have to wait for someone to celebrate or validate you. But trust me, when you start showing up in all your glory…the right people will love you! And for the record – God always has!