That’s quite simple. But first let me clarify a few things.

1. I love men.
2. I don’t intend to lead men as if they cannot lead themselves. How ridiculous that we should think that way about anyone male or female! We don’t actually need anyone to teach or lead us – but…until we KNOW that, then it can be helpful for someone to remind us of who we are and the power that we BE.
3. And so on that note, no one actually leads anyone. You see, you can only lead yourself and others can only follow you by their own free will.

Now onto the point about me being a woman…

Consider. Men who lead men will lead men from the perspective of men which they already hold, which was passed down from other men who led from the perspective of men that was already ingrained into them. And so on…

If you do the same thing over again, you can’t expect a different result.

Am I saying men don’t need men to lead them, that they need a woman? You don’t need to be led, but you do need to lead – it’s in your encoding – and true leaders, regardless of their sex, will encourage this in you.

I’m not a man 😇, and I’m not like a lot of other women either, which you’ve already figured out.

What men don’t need:

1. Men don’t need more “motivation.”
2. Men don’t need more “accountability.”
3. Men don’t need more “what to do to be a man talks.”
4. Men don’t need more “tearing them down to build them up.”
5. Men don’t need more “programs, processes, structures, etc. to teach them how to live better, do things the right way, be more successful at…”
6. Men don’t need more information on why their health, relationships, sex drive, business or body is failing. Men do not need a reminder they are failing – ever.
7. Men don’t need more guilt, shame or condemnation.
8. Men don’t need more bad advice/information about women. (Ex. The woman is the “helper” of the man which is often taught in religious settings. And WHAT MAN WANTS TO BE TOLD HE NEEDS “HELP” and ESPECIALLY BY THE WOMAN he wants to admire him. A boy needs help by his mother, which is why this concept goes directly against the soul of the MAN. This only tells him on a subconscious level that he is not good enough and can’t do what he knows he is here to do FOR THE WOMAN because now she is “helping” him. The problem with “helping” is in the inherent indication that you are missing something.)

They don’t need another conference, they don’t need another men’s retreat to finally find themselves (you are not there), and they don’t need the latest FUCKING MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. And men KNOW THIS. But they don’t necessarily consciously know the truth of what it is they seek.

You know these things deep down.

That is why although you are drawn to seek them out because you want to succeed in every area of life (relationships, finances, sexuality, your physical body/mind, and your spirituality) – you ALSO KNOW DEEP DOWN THAT THESE ARE NOT THE ANSWER.

Which is why you must return over and over to them and why success in these 5 main areas of life requires constant “work.”

This back and forth internally – seeking help and despising the help. Being drawn to a method and then despising the method, etc. are all coming from your inner knowing that 1) yes, a shift is needed and 2) these are not it.

“My men have lost their confidence.”

The ONE thing a man needs: To remember who the fuck he is.

You can’t get a man to believe in who he is by mere words, nor by example, nor by events, nor by statistics, nor by evidence or success rates. (Which is why mere motivational type events, which are designed to get you to feel the energy shifting in the room created by the collective, will not give you the transformational shift you NEED to sustain the feeling you felt and the “motivation.” You will need more external motivation – a continuous cycle of external input to “create” internal change.)

A man has to feel his OWN energy and his OWN powerful presence pulsating through his very OWN body, pumping through HIS veins. He has to know how to connect to THIS. How to let this flow. How to return to this when he makes a mistake. And how to unleash this beast – in business, in his body, for his beauty, etc.

He knows deep down that it was always meant to be this way. That is why he continually seeks the solution.

He’s looking for this.

He’s looking for HIS OWN source – NOT ANOTHER MAN’S. He deep down resists the source of another man.

HE has to BE THE BEAST. And he has to know he IS (his own internal sense of living his truth) before he can unleash.

And again he knows all this because: men are incredibly intelligent.

Which is why he feels like an impostor when he “does” the manly or right things because it’s coming from what he has been TAUGHT about (fill in the blank) not from his own inner KNOWINGNESS.

There are a lot of men in beast costumes parading around, silently hoping no one knows they are full of shit. Well I do.

But, I also know how they can reconnect with their TRUE MASCULINE POWER.

And yes, I’m a woman. (Who Ra)

And who the fuck cares what I am if I’m speaking the truth! And you know I am. If I’m making sense. Real sense. If their very own souls are crying out YES YES YES – this is how it is supposed to be! Then so be it.

I’m going to remind you who the fuck you are.

I’m not going to stop. I’m going to fuck with the bullshit beliefs until you unfuck yourself.

You’re going to start to see HIM (the real you) and FEEL him. (He feels damn good.)

I’m going to address the internal obstacles you have to believing and receiving and BEING him.

And you’re going to decide and own your decision to finally surrender the struggle and take possession of the identity you were born to be possessed by.

You have incredible shit to do on this planet, and it’s high time to walk in the power you need in order to do it.

I love you.