I haven’t forgotten your eyes,
How they pierced the veil that hides my soul.
Or the way your touch saw things within me
That still no one else knows.
It was love.
I remember it all.
A whisper.
A kiss.
A tragic fall.
I remember your touch.
It went right through me.
A fire, electric.
A knowing.
Renewed me.

How did you get in?
So deep…so fast?
And how could a love like that not last?
We crashed and collided.
Our souls mingled and divided.
It was love.
I won’t ever deny it.
I can still go there.
To the heat in the deep.
An awakening place, an expansive space, now fast asleep.
But not in peace.
A soul without rest.
Unfinished business put to the test.
Doesn’t heal all wounds.
Sometimes it only grinds.
Love is not blind.
It sees.
Sometimes too much.
It can’t unsee.
It can’t unknow.
It can’t forget…
The past.
It has a way of gripping me.
Touching me.
Reminding me.
Lest I forget the moment we met.
Time and space collide.
You and I.
We were meant to meet.
It was love.
This I’ll never deny.
Perhaps when our stars align, again we will collide.
And this time instead of breaking, we’ll combine.