The silliness of looking at a person’s “story” to determine who they are today and the especially silly idea of looking at it from the perspective of qualifying/disqualifying them.

Your past doesn’t qualify or disqualify you.
No. You need to hear this.
Your past doesn’t qualify or disqualify you.

No one else can either, for that matter.
Only you can do that.
Only you are that powerful.

And stop it. Stop it for the love of God and all things sacred – ie. You.

There are two profound statements (taken from the Bible) I want to remind you of:

1. Let no one disqualify you.
2. Let no one disregard you.

Holy Cannoli. If you could but grasp these.


In other words, it is YOU who lets/allows/agrees with/reasons and accepts. But you don’t have you. And you should not. Hence – let no one disqualify or disregard you, not even you.

To state the obvious – You may have to get some legit qualifications depending on your desired path, but I’m not talking about that. You won’t even let/allow/qualify yourself fully FOR your path. And that’s where we need to start. And when you start, you will need to continue to remind yourself all along the way. Why? Because your path, my dear friend, was never meant to be linear. Linear indicates that you are doing the same things, in the same ways – day after day after day. Stop that.

You’re not designed to live like that.

You’re designed to increase, expand and explore new possibilities for yourself. That’s not to say it cannot be in the same career path or passion – but it does mean that things cannot simply be repeated and be called living. The desires you have deep inside we’re never meant to be hidden away behind all the reasons why you can’t do it, be it, have it or why you’re not even allowed to want it. You’re allowed to want it. Just make sure it’s what you really want. Because if you’re anything like me, you get what you want.

You can’t live off yesterday’s successes, and you don’t die by yesterday’s failures.

It’s who you are today. Right now. It’s who you know you truly are deep down. And it’s who you desire to be someday. All of those need to coalesce into who you are (BE) in this moment. And when you can master that – then you cannot be disqualified or disregarded. Because all of creation has actually been waiting for you to wake up and realize who you really are so you can FINALLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO WHAT IT IS YOU HERE TO DO. We’re not the same without you. So please don’t give us what you think we want from you. Give us YOU – nothing more, nothing less.

Oh and those reasons/judgments why other people disqualify you are the reasons they disqualify themselves. They are telling you more about them than they are about you.