Highly Caffeinated: Podcast Interview

On this episode, Corey sits down with author, teacher, speaker and coach, Colette LaMuse, to discuss WHY women find driven and motivated men so darn sexy, how to create a fulfilling and thriving relationship with a type-A personality and the REAL reason why ego and humility are so widely misunderstood in the entrepreneurial community. Colette LaMuse is a dynamic teacher of confidence, masculinity and her passion exists in coaching men to step into their power with undeniable magnetism and grace.

Wake Up To Level Up: Podcast Interview

Episode 10: Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams with Colette Milazzo (now LaMuse)

“In this episode, we are uncovering how to face your fears in order to consciously create the life you want. From the relationships in your life, to your career, to the way you are, everything is revolving (around) self belief.” – Kelly Ann Callaghan

Crushing 40 Radio

Hosted by author and life coach, Kimberly Love, “Crushing 40” is all about taking control of your own life.

On today’s show, Kimberly will speak with Colette Milazzo (now LaMuse), a Sexual Revolutionist and Life Coach.

Influencing Entrepreneur Magazine

“Compassion is a natural lens through which I view others. Combined with my innate ability to see the unseen in them, I understand the human connection. I understand the relationship to self and its centrality to the human experience. I understand how insecurity, fear and shame sabotage one’s view of self and thus the image presented to others.” – Colette LaMuse (formerly Milazzo)

San Diego Voyager Magazine

“What sets me apart is the way that I see sexuality and the sexual expression. I take a look at the root issues and don’t shy away from the taboo topics. I am after the truth that sets people free, and that is what you will get from me.” – Colette LaMuse (formerly Milazzo)

Wake Up to Level Up: Conference Speaker

#WULU – Women in Business, Money + Mindset Growth Event 2019
Hosted by Kelly Ann Callaghan

Colette shares the truth about confidence and identity at this one of a kind women’s event in the beautiful San Diego, CA.