That’s a fraction of the BIGGER picture, but not the ultimate truth.
Listen. A woman longs to fall weak into a strong man and be weak in him, in every way.
Yes, I said weak.
No, not weak as in weak, incapable, dependent…
Weak as in completely vulnerable and open. Her openness and her vulnerability are her true freedom – not her ability to free herself (provide) in a natural sense.
Listen. Even the strongest, most independent woman longs for this form of release. Regardless if she resists the notion, openly denies it, or is completely unaware altogether in her current conscious understanding.
She wants to let.go. NOT lose control of her life, but relinquish control of all that she is, her total existence in order to experience being completely, securely held. She doesn’t want to give this to YOU – it’s so much deeper than that.
The strong woman wants to relinquish total control of her existential vulnerability to experience the greatness and vastness that she IS when she is completely safe, secure, open and free.
But she can’t experience the fullness of this in her physical form without a man worthy.
You, O glorious man, can allow her to experience this ecstatic release by holding the space for her.
Consider. In sex, the woman (when she feels safe) opens, unfolds, expresses vulnerability to the degree she feels secure in the dynamic with her partner. This depends on her sense of security in herself and her awareness of her partners sense of security within himself and the overarching, encompassing sphere of love shared between them.
When she is able to open up, she then receives the strength, the force, the structure of the man. And his constitution is for her pure pleasure. She experiences the greatest physical pleasure (orgasm) in the context of safety. (Yes, she can have an orgasm regardless of safety, but she CANNOT AND WILL NOT open her inner soul to receive you there and experience the orgasm there that she longs for.)
A woman longs to:
Open up – fully.
Let it (everything she is holding onto) out – completely.
Erupt. Expand. Explode.
Fall into you.
In a sense, she wants to die in your arms and be reborn. And this has nothing to do with you, beautiful man. It’s not something you do for her. It’s something she does for herself.
You are her witness.
She needs this witness.
You, my love, provide the safety, the security and the structure, and this creates the perfect space she needs for this total soul release.
When she experiences this, she dies to the struggle. She dies to being “strong” for a moment, so she can experience the orgasmic dynamic of being weak inside someone who is stronger. Much stronger – able to contain her, to withstand her in the fullness of her force.
Woman is literally dying for this because the men don’t know how to be what she needs. If they did, she could come alive like never before.
Man hasn’t known how to do this/be this for her. And she knows it. So she takes care of business.
No, she doesn’t want to be the man, but she will man up if she needs to.
No, she doesn’t want to wear the pants, but she will wear them and tight as fuck, if she needs to.
She isn’t going to let it slack or slide when it comes to her livelihood, responsibility, her provision, but does she want this responsibility? Ultimately, no.
She for damn sure doesn’t want to mess with no broke ass motherfucker either. And I’m NOT talking money. I’m talking deep.
The reality is strong women had to be strong because the men they experienced were weak, and I’m not talking physically or superficially measurable outcomes.
She senses whether or not a man is secure in himself, and it doesn’t matter how well he can appear to be on the outside. Her soul knows whether or not he truly embodies this security. Whether or not he’s truly made of what he says he’s made. She knows, even if she’s not cognitively aware and most women are not – so her BODY/SOUL will be in a contracted state to the extent that she does not feel safe enough to release, safe enough to open up, safe enough to fall on you. (One reason why strong women appear tense.)
A strong woman will create this safety net for herself if the men in her life don’t, but that longing and that desire to be held and to let go will never go away until she is able to GIVE WAY, in which she can be her most vulnerable self. Her truest, strongest form of expression.
Man wants to be strong. He wants to be secure. He wants to be that place of safety. But he doubts himself. He struggles with that identity.
Deep down it’s his greatest desire to be that expanded form of strength, security and safety, and deep down woman desires her form of expansion (vulnerability and utter nakedness).
Deal with the bullshit beliefs that keep you tethered to insecurity. You’ve got to deal with your shit if you want to be that for her.
Lean into who you truly are and become HIM, so she can release.all.over.you. – again and again and again.